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Welcome to CameraSpot's online photo ordering system, Lifepics.

By placing an order through this system, you can have your pictures printed on real photographic paper at one of the labs in our chain of retail stores, and you can choose either to have them mailed to you or to pick them up yourself in the location most convenient to you.


We offer the same superlative photo printing services online as we do in our retail stores and minilabs, at the same prices, on your choice of matte or glossy paper. 4x6 prints are only 29 cents a piece. 5x7's are $2.99 a piece, and 8x10's or 8x12's are $4.99.


If you do not have a username and password in the Lifepics system, you will be prompted to create one. Your username will be the email address at which you would like to receive notifications concerning your order, and the password should be something easy for you to remember, but hard for someone else to guess.


Launch Photo Prints Application



How to Order Prints Online:

1) Select "Order Prints & Enlargements". Log in with your email address and password.


2) Find the photos you would like to print. If they are in your camera or on your computer or a disk, select "On My PC Or Camera". (If they are already in an album, skip to step 5.)


3) This will take you to a screen where you must allow a small program from Aurigma Inc. to be downloaded and activated on your computer. Do not worry, this is not a malicious program, nor will it allow malicious programs any access. It simply makes photo uploading easier. If you do not wish to do this, or if your computer does not support it, click the link at the bottom that says "Try our Standard Uploader". This will take you to a simpler uploading screen where you will only be able to upload one image at a time.


4) Using the program, navigate to where the photos are on your computer. (Hint: they may be inside your My Pictures folder, or inside the folder of the program you use to organize pictures, if any.) The program will display thumbnails of your pictures. Check the boxes next to the ones you wish to upload to make prints from, then select Upload.


5) Now you are back to the first screen. Select "In My Online Album" to proceed, then find the album you just created.


6) Click on the pictures you wish to print to select them, then press "Order Prints" and choose what size and quantity you would like to print, then "Add To Cart". HINT: If you want multiples of some photos, but not others, select them separately and then change the quantity. If you would like enlargements of some photos but not others, select those separately and then specify the size. Choose "Continue Shopping" to choose additional sizes and quantities.


7) When you are finished selecting photos, choose "Checkout Now". You will be asked to review the products selected. Follow the instructions on the screen, making sure to specify whether you wish to pick up your order in a store, or have it mailed to your home.


8) You will receive an automatic email letting you know that the order has been processed. You will also receive another email that is sent when the order is finished being printed at the minilab.


Thank you for using CameraSpot!