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ProMaster  2 Light AC Softbox Kit - 20" x 20" #1984  

Main specs

Type:  Softbox Kit

Contents:  2x 6’ Lights Stands, 2x Front diffusers for softboxes (removable), 2x...


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ProMaster-2 Light AC Softbox Kit - 20" x 20" #1984-Studio Lighting Kits
Description Specifications

Light properties

Type of Light

Not Available

Modeling Light

Not Available

Modeling Light/Flash tube Number

Not Available

Guide Number

Not Available

Flash Triggering

Not Available

Recycling Time

Not Available

Fuse Rating

Not Available

Temperature Control

Not Available

Reflector Mount

Not Available

Background Properties


Not Available


Not Available

Stand properties


6.0 '

Collapsed Height



5/8 standard fitting

Reflector/Diffuser properties




20" x 20"

Kit properties


2x 6’ Lights Stands, 2x Front diffusers for softboxes (removable), 2x AC Softboxes (20" x 20") with integrated E26 / E27 lamp bases and AC cords.


The PROMASTER 2 - LIGHT AC SOFTBOX KIT sets up easily and creates soft, even illumination for your photography and videography. A common E26 / E27 screw-in lamp base is integrated into each of the two AC softboxes and works with photographic LED and CFL Edison-style lamps. Each softbox sets up in just seconds and mounts to the included light stands. Generously long cords connect to wall AC receptacles for power.
* Photographic lamps sold separately.
WARNING: This product is designed for use with LED and CFL type lamps. Be sure the lamp you use is within the wattage and heat range specified.

General specifications


Softbox Kit