Product Specifications

ProMaster  Still Life Studio 2.0 - 24"x24" #7720  

Main specs

Type:  studio lighting kit

Contents:  4x Swappable backgrounds (white, grey, black, and blue), 1x Diffusion panel...


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ProMaster-Still Life Studio 2.0 - 24"x24" #7720-Studio Lighting Kits
Description Specifications

Light properties

Type of Light

High Quality LED Light Strips

Modeling Light

Not Available

Modeling Light/Flash tube Number

Not Available

Guide Number

Not Available

Flash Triggering

Not Available

Recycling Time

Not Available

Fuse Rating

Not Available

Temperature Control

Not Available

Reflector Mount

Not Available

Background Properties


Black, Grey, White, Blue


Custom fit vinyl background sweeps

Stand properties


Not Available

Collapsed Height

Not Available


Not Available

Reflector/Diffuser properties


Not Available


Not Available

Kit properties


4x Swappable backgrounds (white, grey, black, and blue), 1x Diffusion panel, 2x LED light bars, 1x Still Life Studio 2.0 shell


The PROMASTER STILL LIFE STUDIO 2.0 uses a seamless background and daylight quality lights to create the perfect photographic setting for any object. Its self-contained, folding design is super-fast and easy to set up. When you need to transport or store the Still Life Studio 2.0 it folds down and becomes its own carry and storage case. The vinyl backgrounds are swappable, durable, and easy to clean. Take better pictures of any object with any camera using the Still Life Studio 2.0!

  • Color Temperature: 5600K +/- 200K
  • CRI: 90+
  • Dimensions: 24" x 24"  24" (61 cm x 61 cm x 61 cm)

General specifications


studio lighting kit