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Preserve your memories for future generations: Digitize them!

Most of us have the same dilemma: Grandpa, or Mom, has passed on, and left us with a dusty pile of irreplaceable photos. There aren’t enough copies for each of the siblings, it’s too hard to drag out the shoebox and sort through and find that one picture, you’ve got carousels of slides and no projector, Aunt Sally got the only copy of Grandma’s wedding photo, the one where Gram looks just like your second daughter. Converting these images to digital format solves so many problems at once—you can easily share them, duplicate them, or even just look at them, regardless of how far your family has scattered. These photographs are more than just family history, they are a precious source of identity, and give your descendants a priceless sense of connection to their ancestors.


What does your family have?





Most of us have a shelf of old albums, or a shoebox (or more) of old prints, precious memories capturing dust and slowly fading away. They take up a ton of room, are a nightmare to keep organized, and are at terrible risk of being accidentally destroyed by moisture, mold, fire, or just being misplaced.


PRINT TRANSFER SERVICE: Prints are scanned on a high-speed scanner at 300 DPI (suitable for printing up to 8x10), saved as .jpg files (universal, can be read by all computers), and are burned onto a CD or DVD. Photos must be between 2x3 and 8x10, loose, and relatively undamaged. Photos will be grouped according to size, and will be scanned in no particular order. If you want your prints scanned and returned in a particular order, they must be individually numbered and will be subject to a processing fee, outlined below.


If your photos:

  • Are larger than 8x10 or smaller than 2x3
  • Are mounted on board, or contained in albums
  • Have significant surface damage


Then we can accommodate you, but there will be additional fees; we’ll work them out on a custom basis depending on your order.


Print Scanning Price Sheet:

Print scanning up to 100

$29.99 (If kept in order, add $20)

Print scanning up to 500

$59.99 (If kept in order, add $50)

Print scanning up to 1200

$119.99 (If kept in order, add $100)

Print scanning à la carte

$1.99 (per print)

Print scanning larger than 8x10

$9.99 (per print)




For decades, slides were the medium of choice for serious photographers, amateurs and pros alike. Many of us have wonderful memories of sitting in the darkened family room, with the projector humming and clicking and whirring, showing vacation photos in a glorious blaze of translucent color on the wall. Kodachrome was so ubiquitous it even stars in a Paul Simon song; to this day, Kodachrome slides retain color as fresh as the day they were shot, preserving faithfully the vibrant hues of your uncle’s pastel baby blue tuxedo, your mother’s bright red lipstick below her cat’s eye glasses, the incredible blue sky of your family vacation to Niagara Falls.


But you can’t really sit and look at a slide in your hand, and you can’t get bulbs for those old projectors, and you’re not even sure what’s in those old carousels, but you know your uncle was an avid photographer, he had that really nice camera and was always snapping away…


Bring them in. We’ll make them accessible again.


SLIDE TRANSFER SERVICE: Your slides are digitally photographed at a high resolution, approximately 4000x3000 pixels, suitable for printing up to 11x14, and are saved as .jpg files (readable by all computers), and stored on a data CD or DVD. We adjust for exposure as much as possible at the time of digitizing, but very dark, very light, or very faded slides may not transfer well. All slides must be 35mm film in a regular 2x2 cardboard or plastic mount; metal or glass-mounted slides must be done individually by hand, and cannot be included in the bulk service. 110, 120, 126, or 2x2 super slides will be subject to additional fees. Slides must be loose in their storage container. If you want us to remove them from and replace them into a carousel or other holder, if you want them scanned in order, if you want them checked, rotated, or enhanced, then there will be an additional fee. To have them scanned in order they must be individually numbered.


Slide Scanning Price Sheet:

Slide scan (normal 35mm, standard mount)

 $.99 (per slide)

Slide scan 1-50

$.99 (per slide)(add $.50 for concierge)

Slide scan 51-100

$.69 (per slide) (add $.35 for concierge)

Slide scan 101-250

$.59 (per slide) (add $.30 for concierge)

Slide scan 251-500

$.49 (per slide) (add $.25 for concierge)

Slide scan 500+

$.45 (per slide) (add $.23 for concierge)

Thumb Drive $20

$20 (customer may provide thumbdrive for no extra charge)

Odd or square format (Still 2x2 mount)

$0.99 (per slide)

Oversize Slides

$4.99 (per slide)

DVD Video Slideshow (Playable in DVD player)


Extra copies of disc (files for computer)

$9.99 each

Concierge service is *Preparing your slides, removing them from trays, numbering ordered prints, multiple directories, scanning in order etc.



8MM or Super 8MM Movie Transfer

Your home movies will be transferred to DVD in the best quality possible, given the condition of the original film. Please keep in mind that old film dries out and becomes very brittle. We take every precaution to handle your film safely, but we cannot be liable for any damage to the original film.


Movies will be transferred in no particular order and without musical accompaniment. Single DVDs can hold up to 2 hours of video, or 1700 feet of film, depending on the original rate of frames per second. A 3 inch reel holds about 50 feet of film, 4.5 inch reels hold about 200 feet, and 7 inch reels hold about 400 feet. Please estimate the length of your film to the best of your ability (we can help you with this if you bring it in). The lab will let us know the exact length and the cost may need adjustment.


All original films are returned after transferring.

Film transfer (any length)

$0.24 (per foot) (16mm: $0.50/foot)

Extra DVD copy


Transfer in order (reels must be clearly numbered)




Video Tape Transfer

Your cassette tapes will be transferred to a DVD in a format playable on modern DVD players. Please be aware that tapes deteriorate over time, and the damage is not always evident before the transfer begins. We will take every precaution to handle your video tapes safely, but we cannot be liable for any damage to the original films, including deterioration of the image.


Each tape will be transferred to its own DVD in its entirety. No editing or partial copies can be performed. Each tape will be packaged with the DVD copy.


Acceptable formats for video transfer are: VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi 8, Digital 8, and DV mini. We can no longer transfer Super VHS or Beta formats.

Tape to DVD Transfer $29.99

Extra copy of DVD: $9.99

General DVD Duplication:


Your DVDs will be copied onto another DVD.

Please note that we cannot duplicate any copyrighted material.

1-5 Copies

$9.99 (per copy)

5-20 Copies

$5.99 (per copy)

20+ Copies

$3.99 (per copy)